How To Get Social Media Followers: A Simple Guide

Every day, businesses, institutions, and organizations use social media sites to engage their audiences, increase visibility, and generate leads and revenue. Brands can efficiently pass the word about campaigns, new programs, and new products and services when they have an engaged following on one or more of the main social media platforms.

Having 1,000 Facebook likes or 200 Twitter followers, on the other hand, is not the best indication of social media success. Having a large number of followers does not guarantee that they will read your posts or click on your links. The aim is to create a flourishing online community of your prospects and customers—those who will actively participate in your content, share it with their connections, and eventually become paying customers.

Establishing one requires effort, but that effort can pay off handsomely. Are you looking to expand your social media following? In this post, we’ll explore 10 clear and simple strategies for increasing your fanbase.

  1. Each post should have a visual

Visuals work exceptionally well on social media, so ensure that each post includes an eye-catching, vivid image or graphic. Consider the following HubSpot-compiled visual marketing statistics:

  • Content that includes relevant visuals receives 94% more views versus content that does not include visuals.
  • When compared to other sorts of material, visual content is more than 40 times more likely to be shared on social media.
  • Instagram posts featuring people receive 38% more likes than photos without people.
  1. Post more videos

A large number of views can boost your brand’s reach, engagement, and visibility. When it comes to social media, video is hands-down the most engaging kind of content. Instead of sharing a link to an external website, upload your video directly to your site of preference. This way, when viewers stumble on your video as they go across their feeds, it will automatically play.

  1. Proactively listen to and respond to your online community

Be incredibly receptive to the needs of your social media followers so that they have a great time using your platform. Pay attention to what they have to say and respond accordingly. Consider thanking and publicly recognising anyone who shares your posts, likes them, and mentions your firm. People who feel heard and appreciated are more likely to become raving fans and lifelong ambassadors for your brand online.

  1. Update your Page’s profile and cover photos

Many people look at your social profile images and banners when they are searching for information about you. Visual tools such as these can be used to highlight the positive impact of your work and the people you help.

Think about updating your Facebook profile photo and caption at least once in a month. Promote yourself on Twitter by using an eye-catching profile picture and header image. If you want people to engage with your brand online, don’t just stretch out your logo and pixelate it. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and create a visual image that says a lot about you. Be sure to utilize the correct image sizes for each site on social media as well.

  1. Make a convincing reason for people to follow you

Give your current and potential followers a reason to follow you on different platforms by giving them something to look forward to.

Using generic, automatic links that are blasted over all of your social media accounts is a recipe for disaster. Customize your material to appeal to the specific demographic of each channel’s audience.

Using Twitter, for example, will allow you to share breaking news and real-time warnings, while Facebook will allow you to tell more interesting tales about the people who profit from your efforts.

You should approach each social media outlet intelligently, depending on its capabilities and demographics, and provide a compelling reason for your target market to interact with you on that platform. Consider why people use each platform, and then devise a social media marketing strategy for constantly sharing material that will appeal with your target audience.

  1. Encourage tagging

Encourage your followers to tag others who might benefit from or enjoy a particular post as a way to increase engagement.

While posting an inspirational quote, include the phrase “Tag a friend who needs this today.” If you share a Mother’s Day video, motivate your online community to tag someone who means a lot to them, so they can pass along your message to that person.

However, a word of warning: use this strategy carefully and only when it makes sense to avoid looking spammy.

  1. Utilize hashtags to increase your visibility

There are two effective strategies for increasing your social media followers through the use of hashtags:

  • Make use of trending hashtags prudently and sparingly

I suggest using a single trending hashtag per Twitter or Instagram post, such as #TBT (throwback Thursday), #OOTD (outfit of the day), or #FOMO (fear of missing out).

There are a plethora of hashtags available; use or to identify those that are relevant to your audience and subject matter.

  • Take an active role in current affairs and pertinent trending topics.

Keep an eye on the daily trends on Twitter by checking your feed frequently. If you think your followers would be interested in hearing about it, post a tweet with the appropriate hashtag.

For example, on Monday, you could use the trendy hashtag # MondayMotivation to share a quote or an encouraging story with your followers.There is a chance your post will be found by people using that hashtag, which will lead to them checking you out and possibly following you as well.

  1. Engage your audience by being entertaining and employing humor

Brands with a sense of humor and compassion do well on social networking sites. However, you must always make sure that whatever material you do share is appropriate for your target market and your brand’s voice.

Posting cat memes solely for the purpose of sharing cat memes is pointless. Even if such postings receive a few likes, they might muddy your messaging, which is detrimental to your overall brand-building efforts.

  1. Explore paid social media

To increase your social media success, you may need to spend some money on advertising, even if the budget is little.

Investing a small sum in sponsored social marketing is an excellent way to expand your audience and increase your visibility. Paid social ads can help your content get more exposure, increase transactions, and expand your audience.

Precision audience targeting allows you to target “warm” audiences with your ads—people who have been to your website (if you use Facebook Pixel), people who have registered on your mailing list, and your existing fans and followers.

If you’re looking to target the proper people with paid outreach, Facebook’s sophisticated options can be really helpful.

  1. Never buy fans and followers

If you’re trying to establish a large online community, you might think buying fans and followers is a good idea. This isn’t just bad practice; it’ll cause more trouble than it’s worth as well.

The most serious problem with this approach is that it saturates your audience with bot profiles, limiting your ability to gain audience insights, as well as your overall performance. Then there are the advertisements. Facebook’s technology will try to show your post to as many people as possible, including those who already follow your Page. Basically, you’d be paying to advertise your business to bots, and the same goes for other ad targeting strategies.

You should put your efforts into writing and publishing content that will attract the correct audience—the people with whom you want to build a long-term relationship and encourage them to take action.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to note that the recommendations I’ve provided here do not represent “hacks.” They aren’t going to make your social media followings explode over night. These strategies, on the other hand, will place you on a strong footing for long-term success. Furthermore, they will provide you with a loyal fan base that will help your business grow.

Using social media strategically and intelligently may help brands and organizations engage with their stakeholders, build a loyal following, and broaden their reach and viewership.

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