10 Rules To Live By If You Want To Be Successful On Social Media

When it comes to content development, the rules of the game are continuously shifting, as you’ve probably discovered by now as well. What was formerly accepted as normal has morphed into a hindrance, and those who can swiftly adjust will be the conquerors.

Posting on social media can pay off for a business, but there are guidelines to follow if you want to get the most out of it. Here are the rules you must embrace and follow if you want your content to outlive your competition in 2021.

  1. Every post must serve a purpose
    With each post, you should make it clear what your brand is trying to accomplish. If there isn’t a necessity stated in the post, social media posts are sometimes viewed as fillers. One of the most important things to remember is to always explain why a particular post was written.
  1. Think about the time of day
    What time of day do you publish your posts? Consider your intended audience. If you are based in Australia and have 80% of your followers in the United Kingdom, you should strive to plan your posts in a way that makes the most sense for your greater audience.
  1. Establish relationships with your clients
    You must be consistent, on brand, and develop relationships with your followers. Posts with flawless captions and hashtags are a thing of the past. Today’s consumers desire genuine authenticity and interactions. If you answer swiftly to your followers and work to develop the conversations, you will succeed.
  1. Avoid controversial topics
    Before you post something on social media, consider whether the content you’re about to share could be construed as offensive or politically wrong. You’ll want to avoid discussing those subjects on your personal and business pages.
  1. Leave space for creativity
    With social media, you have more freedom to be creative and have some fun than with your website. Too many firms overlook this, and as a consequence, their social media platforms are dull and bland. Be creative when posting to social networking sites and remember to have fun with it.
  1. Avoid saying something you wouldn’t say on live television
    Always think whether you’re comfortable with the entire world reading your tweet or status update before posting it. If something goes wrong, someone could capture your post and create a public relations nightmare. Imagine yourself saying the things you post in front of a live audience to evaluate if they are suitable.
  1. Reply to comments immediately
    If you want your fans to communicate with your brand online, you must reply to comments fast. Never responding online won’t impress your customers. Additionally, social media is becoming a customer care platform. Thus, replying to comments promptly will enhance both your social media image and client service.
  1. Never ask for likes
    Requesting likes on social media portrays your brand as desperate, and it may also reduce your visibility in news feeds. The only instance you can “ask for likes” is if you’re conducting a poll, such as “like this post for red or share it for blue.”
  1. Keep your audience in mind
    When we use social media to promote our business, it’s easy to make the mistake of sharing things we enjoy. In reality, our preferences are unimportant. Put yourself in the public’s shoes and share content that is likely to connect and relate to them.
  1. Post regularly
    You won’t receive the engagement or involvement you want if you only post once or twice a month. If you want to get your business noticed and have a larger audience see your content faster, publish to your social media accounts regularly, even several times a day.


There are numerous ways to strengthen the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy. Nevertheless, if you want to be successful, there are a few principles you must follow. Hopefully, these 10 golden rules for marketing with social media will inspire you to add a little creativity to your everyday routine. Contact our team at Metadvanced for superior social media marketing services. We’d be happy to help you and your company succeed. Contact us today!

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