10 Marketing Strategies That Will Rock Your Facebook Fan Page

In today’s industry, Facebook is without a doubt one of the best platforms to market your company with over 2.4 billion active monthly users. Whatever business or niche you’re in, at least a fraction of your target market is almost certain to be in it.

This social media giant’s reach is like the proverbial “Holy Grail” for marketers across all industries. In addition, Facebook offers a wide range of marketing tools to help businesses connect with and better serve their clients. Competition for success in Facebook marketing is quite fierce, though, because so many businesses are using Facebook as a medium to reach their business objectives.

To assist you in winning the Facebook marketing game in 2021, we’ve compiled a list of ten Facebook marketing methods that your business may implement in your marketing plan to enhance brand exposure, profitability, and sales.

  1. Provide insightful updates
    Facebook postings are critical to a business’s social media marketing strategy. They consistently provide content for your followers and keep them informed about your brand. Updates could include information about your company’s holiday hours, update followers about a new product, or advertise promotions and events. Encourage your followers to interact with your brand through likes, comments, and visits to your website.
  1. Share links to blogs and site content
    Your website’s blog entries are excellent for spreading the word about your brand on social media. Your Facebook followers will have the opportunity to visit your website if you share links to your most recent blog entries. Consistent blog postings on your Facebook page can help you get followers, particularly if your friends share them frequently.
  1. Create infographics that are a must-share
    Infographics are one of the greatest types of Facebook posts to share. These visuals take complex topics and put them in a fun, easy-to-understand format. It takes far less time to learn from an infographics than it does to read a full article. Infographics are also freely accessible, which can bring more people to your Facebook page.
  1. Launch special offers
    Everyone likes a good deal. To enhance customer interaction with your content, share discounts, voucher codes, contests, and other incentives on Facebook. For example, you may provide a free voucher or invite friends to share your article to receive a special email offer. You can also share your content with mutual acquaintances, and they will receive a voucher!
  1. Make mention of your Facebook page on other media
    It’s good practice to link to your Facebook page on your blog or website. Provide easy-to-share social sharing buttons to your blog entries, article pages, and infographics. You can also include a link to your page in email newsletters and employee signatures, encouraging readers to check back regularly.
  1. Reference your page in your physical storefront
    One of the most effective Facebook marketing methods is to link your online and physical presences by mentioning your Facebook profile in your actual store. This Facebook marketing strategy allows you to invite customers to follow you on Facebook at the bottom of invoices, business cards, or even in-store signage.
  1. Utilize Facebook Messenger
    Facebook Messenger provides an excellent opportunity to communicate effectively with clients online. If customers have any inquiries concerning your products or your company in general, you can encourage them to reach you via messenger. Messenger also allows you to develop campaigns with the purpose of starting discussions with your target audience.
  1. Respond to the comment threads
    Comment threads are a great method to communicate with customers and manage your online reputation. If a user likes a photo of one of your new products, thank them for their enthusiasm. This shows users that you value your consumers. If you receive a negative comment, you can apologize and invite the individual to contact you via chat.
  1. Like the content of your followers
    Like postings that mention your company, and see how people are discussing it. Thanking clients for posting about your business encourages them to do so more frequently. In fact, consumers trust posts from family and friends more than those from companies and brands, so this is significant.
  1. Create Facebook ads
    Ads are an excellent way of attracting viewers to your page and increasing engagement on your content. You may target your adverts based on a variety of factors, including individual interests, purchasing habits, and demographics. Facebook advertising is an excellent method to connect with your consumers where they currently are.


Facebook has evolved into much more than a way for people to keep in touch with one another. Another benefit is that it’s a fantastic way to sell your company’s products and services online.

Metadvanced can help you market your Facebook business Page and maximize your social media strategy. Our social media marketing experts will build a personalized Facebook marketing strategy for your company. We’ll produce engaging posts, share your web content, and even build up ad campaigns to maximize results. Get a free quote today!

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